Celebrations of Life

When the people in our lives pass on it can be bitter sweet or devastating. It is a natural part of life when loved ones gracefully age and our memories are long. For some this is not so and our memories are brief.

Life should be celebrated for the memories those who pass leave behind with us. Be they only momentary or decades long. TJ the DJ specializes in helping couples and others create memories through their celebrations. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Company Parties and all other life adventures where dancing and celebrating are possible.

When my grandfather died many years ago I provided my services for his celebration of life, it was my first. It was great to clearly hear everyone’s stories about how they met him, or their favorite memories of and with him. After the speeches there was a brief social with some snacks and I played music that gently filled the background of songs that told the story of his life. Songs about road trips and truck stops, of making friends in high and low places. He did a lot of traveling. He worked hard and he had his bad habits too. All of this was reflected in an hour or so of music and even included some dancing as he would have wanted. We cried absolutely, but we laughed as the songs evoked even more memories and more stories were shared.

I tell this story because there is no other way to really explain what it is that I am offering or what I do. It’s more than just music. It’s another experience, another opportunity to create and share memories of our departed loved ones. I will sit with you, your family and listen as you tell me about the person in your life you want to celebrate so that I can do your memories of them justice.