About TJ the DJ


  • 20 + Years Providing Entertainment/DJ Services.
  • Manager of Original Soundman Music DJ Services 2003-2006.
  • Graduate of Western Academy Broadcasting College 2007.
  • Certified Wedding & Event Planner though Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Inc 2011.
  • Elected V.P. Public Relations of Toastmasters International Sunrise Chapter 2012 & 2013
  • On Air Personality/Community Events Person Sunny 94 Radio 2007
  • Sound/Technician and Co-host of The Amazing Game Show 2009-2011
  • Owner of Memory Lane Booths (Photo Booth)

I have always been a fan of music, more to the point, the music from the radio. As a child, the first song I can ever remember hearing was Super Tramp – Take the Long Way Home. I grew up listening to my dad sing along to the radio, and following along myself as I got older. I spent hours of my time making my own mix tapes and recording my voice as if I was a radio DJ and by grade 7 had already decided that being a DJ was where I wanted to be.

Like any kid I loved watching the DJ’s at the school Dances, I did interviews with radio DJ’s any chance I could for school projects and would often fall asleep with the radio on. I grew up with a fond appreciation for old time radio shows and my imagination grew from envisioning the action being played out over the radio and my father’s tapes. By High school I was already collecting an assortment of tapes and a few records and at age 19 I got a job as a Mobile DJ with A.C.M DJ Services in Red Deer which eventually was absorbed by Soundman Music.

Fast forward a few years and I was getting ready to enter College for Radio Broadcasting as well as managing one of Red Deer’s Biggest and most successful mobile DJ companies, Soundman Music. My time away at school taught me many things, the biggest: Radio was not what I thought it was growing up and after a time working with a local radio station and the dissolution of the DJ company I worked for, I decided to strike out on my own, taking all the ideas I had learned in Radio and my previous experience as a DJ and putting them into practice with my own company.

It’s been 20+ years since I first picked up a microphone and announced my first dance to an eager audience and a happy newly married couple. With hundreds of weddings and other events behind me I still get butterflies when I open a show with that first song. Only now it is not the nervousness of inexperience or fear of hundreds of eyes looking at me. It is the same excitement and wonder I have had since a child of experiencing music and sharing it with others and knowing that I am entertaining them like I was entertained by others growing up.

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A review letter from Royal Lepage from their annual fundraiser for the Central Alberta Women’s Shelter (C.A.W.S.) Which is one of the charities I try to support.

I would like to thank Skye for this wonderful referral letter from my work with Passionate Forward.I have been presented with a Certificate of Recognition.

I have a name mention in this article about the Passionate Forward fundraiser I have donated my services to.

Red Deer Advocate: Theo Fleury To Visit

Here is a listing of my published articles.

Red Deer Advocate Article November 26 2010: Businesses Need Policing

DJ Pulse Magazine Issue #10

Page 29 Article Titled: Perception May Be Everything!

By Teah-Jay Cartwright, Red Deer – Alberta Chapter

Is it better to extend your line?

Red Deer Express Article: Think Options When Booking DJ

Published Summer 2009

Article Reads:

I would just like to offer some advice and wisdom for those who are using the services of a Disc Jockey this summer. I myself have been in the business for 15 years and have been making it my goal to turn my passion for this type of entertainment into my full time living.

Having met many other DJs that work both locally and abroad as well as meeting and talking with DJs from the United States I have come to realize a few things.

Most DJs are hobbyists or amateurs. These are people with full time jobs and view DJing as something to do on the weekend. While there are an exceptional few, the majority are barely average.

Quality entertainment demands professionalism, unique talent, passion and skill. Don’t be fooled into believing that just because someone can play music by pressing play on a laptop or CD player can be fun and entertaining. If your flowers cost more than your entertainment hope that they are up to the task of filling in where your DJ can’t.

The days of simply playing music for DJs are long gone and just as technology has allowed us more time to find the right music, it also also requires of us to also advance in what we do as well. Your entertainment is 80% of your events success. How much of your budget did you set aside for that entertainment? DJs must evolve and those of us who have are more than worth the investment.

Teah-Jay Cartwright – TJ the DJ – Red Deer