Complete Professional Music Entertainment Package:Personalized to your event.

Please check your venue agreements. Many venues now require all vendors to clear their gear and exit the facility by 2am. In order to meet this demand contracted services end at 12am and may continue depending on facility manager’s good will.

Follow this link for availability and to book your no obligation meeting.

The Below is standard for all Services Provided by TJ the DJ:
• Personal Meeting prior to booking your event. May take 1-2 hours on average. This is where I invite you to tell me about your vision, get to know each other and come up with an official quote for services.
• Planning Agenda/Time line forms – These are great fill in the blanks that cover more than just the basics and a great tool for you to use with your Emcee.
• TJ the DJ is a Certified Wedding & Event Planner. Pick my brain for some ideas and tips to help you plan and budget. (Does not include wedding planning services)
• Meet personally with your Emcee either with you or individually prior to your event with the same availability of email, text and phone contact.
• Sound System adequate for up to 150 people or a small/medium sized venue.
• Use of sound system as P/A for toasts/speeches and presentations with cordless mic, a second mic is available as a backup or for an additional Emcee.
• Set up, up to 2 hours prior to event start.
• Up to 7 hours of consecutive performance time from 5pm to 12am. Cocktail & Dinner music included.
• Back up Equipment standard.
• Legally Purchased Music.
• $2,000,000 Commercial Liability Insurance.
• Unlimited e-mail, text and phone contacts as required.
• Business licensed with the City of Red Deer.
• Travel included up to 30km from Red Deer
• TJ the DJ performing personally at your event.

The Below are additional standard services for Wedding Clients:
• Wow your Reception report with 37 ideas to personalize your event beyond the music entertainment.
• Emcee Planning Guides to help them plan with your timeline so everyone is on the same page throughout your reception.
• Song lists to help you select Mother/Son & Father/Daughter and other dance songs.
• Up to 5 personal meetings prior to your event for further planning and idea sharing up to 2 hours each. Additional Meetings are billed at $50 per hour.
• Online Planning and organization system. Personalized Client Portal with mobile access.
• TJ the DJ Emergency Kit (Typically what a Wedding Planner should bring)
• No charge for some basic games some of which are unique or original to TJ the DJ.
• Additional hours of preparing your event information from meetings and contacts, researching ideas if required to help fulfill your wants for your event.
• Additional Time is not billed. Will continue to play if requested until kicked out (Venue Permitting) in most cases. At TJ the DJ’s discretion.

Add Ceremony Sound Support:

Out Door weddings can be beautiful, but with out four walls and roof there is nothing to contain and channel your voices. Even in a larger room only the first few rows of people will hear your vows clearly. The music you want to walk down the aisle to is not only an important choice for you but integral to the pacing of the ceremony and a signal to your guests about what is happening next. Smooth sound transitions sound more elegant and with rehearsal attendance as an option everyone has an opportunity to understand the same flow you want to achieve.

The following prices are for those who have already booked Reception Services. If you would like Stand Alone Wedding Ceremony Services please add $200 to the Day of Package.

Day of Ceremony Package: $295.00 + GST

  • Includes travel within 30 KM of Red Deer
  • Small Single Speaker Sound System
  • Set up prior to Guests arrival with seating music 60 minutes prior to Ceremony Start.
  • Your choice of music for wedding party walking down the aisle and ceremony background.
  • Up to 30 minutes of post ceremony music for guests exit.

Add a Ceremony Rehearsal: $200.00 + GST (Most Popular)

  • Includes additional travel to Ceremony location.
  • Up to 2 hours for ceremony walk through.
  • Choreography assistance for wedding party placement for optimal photographer and guests visual experience.
  • Practice walking to the music of your choice/pacing.

If your Ceremony is Outside there will be additional charges for the following:

Pop Up Tent and Power Generator/Power pack: $100+GST
Additional Optional Services:

  • Lapel and/or hand held mic for Groom and/or Officiate for Ceremony and Vow Amplification. $25.00+GST
  • Audio Record Wedding Vows (includes Lapel/Mic): $50.00+GST

Please note that audio recording quality is based on Voice Projection of the couple and back ground noise from Venue, Environment and or Guests. Typically this can be determined at rehearsal.

TJ the DJ Link to Special Event Effects and Additional Services.